2018-2019 CompuTrainer Season

Fall Power Hour (September 3 - October 26)

Focus: Short VO2 Work

For those who are done racing for the season, we expect you are looking forward to a lot of joy riding outside during the lovely fall weekends.  However,  it’s also important to continue to keep 1 - 2 days of intensity in order to maintain the majority of your hard earned summer fitness. 

 If you race CX or are a Triathlete with late season events, these high intensity workouts are essential as you build into your peak racing form. 

Winter 1 (October 29 - December 21)

Focus:  Cycle Strength

Before you can really go fast you have to prepare to go fast.   The key elements in this preparation phase are to develop leg strength and efficiency. The goal of this phase is to help get you ready for very high quality race specific workouts coming in the spring.   You can expect to see a LOT of climbing intervals during this phase of training. 

Winter 2 (December 31  - February 22)

Focus: Engine Building Phase

These sessions will include longer efforts targeting threshold power to help you increase your sustainable power, climb better, and improve your overall cycling performance so you can finish each ride with the lead group!

Spring Training (February 25 - April 19th)

Focus: Peak Power  


Now that you’ve built a foundation of strength and sustainable power, it’s time for  even higher intensities.  These VO2 specific efforts will prepare you for county line sprints and  make it or break it moments that will come up in your group rides and road races.

Summer Slump Buster (July 25 - August 4 )  

Focus: Specific Race Intervals

At this phase of this season your personal event schedule should take precedence over group workouts.   Depending on your schedule you’ll need to focus on sprints and attacks, steady TT efforts, or Hill climbs.   You can choose the workouts that best fit your training needs while preparing for you summer events.