Betera Coaching offer's a Full Season Indoor Cycling Programs at 2 Locations. When signing up, make sure you choose the location nearest you!

 Our Indoor Season is broken into 5 Distinct Training Blocks.  Each block focuses on improving your skills while targeting a specific endurance energy system.

During the week we offer 2 types of indoor riding options:

Drop in Rides are are individual workouts held throughout the year.  These workouts will last 60 - 75 minutes and will be on a mixed terrain course where you will be able to shift gears.  Each rider has the option to ride the intensity of their choice or take advantage of the workout prompts recommending intensity levels.  

Drop in Ride Fee: $15 Weekday Rides (60 - 75 min),         $25 Rainy Day Weekend Rides  (90- 120 min) 

Power Classes are structured, coach led, workouts lasting 60 -75 minutes. Our workouts are created in 8-week blocks based on the time of year.  These workouts are carefully designed to push your fitness to new levels and you will feel tired at the end of class!   


$15 - First Class

$175 - 8 Class Pack 

$315 - 16 Class Pack