Indoor Training at the Davidson Cycling Warehouse

We offer three types of CompuTrainer Services: Drop In Rides, Anytime Rides, and Coached CompuTrainer Programs

Drop in Rides are one off group workouts held throughout the year.  Drop in rides include a variety of classes including:  Hard Hills,  Long Climbs, Power Intervals, and 90 minute Rainy Day Rides..   You'll get a great workout and get to ride with a coach.  

Coached CompuTrainer Programs are multi week programs of 6 - 12 weeks.  These classes are all staffed by Certified Coaches who will work with you throughout the program to ensure that you get the most out of every class. Coached CompuTrainer Programs include: 

Fall Power Hour

 Keeping 1-2 days of intensity intervals to your training in the fall will allow you to keep the majority of your hard earned fitness and prep for any late season races or the CX season. These sessions work various energy systems in your body

Classes Run September - October

Winter Training Program

This 18 week Program includes benchmark testing,  and structured workouts focusing on building aerobic capacity. By using a variety of longer, sustained efforts aimed at building your threshold power, you will increase your sustainable speed, climb better, and improve your overall cycling performance.   The Program is divided into two progressive sessions

Classes Run November - February

Peak Spring Prep

Spring is time to focus on your sprint, and attack speed.  These 60 min classes will focus on shorter high intensity intervals at peak power.  .

Our goal is to boost your VO2 max and increase your 5 min power.   

Classes Run  March - April