2018 Summer Slump Buster Program!


Does this sound like you? 

  • You train hard indoors all winter and come out strong in the Spring
  • From March - June your'e happy to be riding and crushing it with your friends
  • Sometime in July the wheels start to fall off. Riding isn't as fun, motivation wanes and you just don't see the results you hoped for in your late summer events. 

or maybe you're more like this? 

  • You told yourself as soon as it got warm out you'd get on your bike.
  • You even signed up for a charity ride or two for motivation. 
  • Yet there your bike sits... sad and alone next to the car.
  • Your friends who signed up with you are mad.

Our SUmmer Slump Buster program can help!

The program is based on simple training basics:

  • If you practice riding a bike often you'll get fitter.  
  • If you practice riding a bike faster, you'll get faster 

What this means...

  • You'll start by riding 14 days in a row!  Each ride is only 60-75 mins long but we add short VO2 intervals to EVERY session
  • 3rd week is a rest week - you'll ride only 4 times but you'll still have intervals in the short rides and you'll do one LONG weekend ride. 
  • Then you're back at it with another 10 days straight. 
  • You'll rest for 2 days after that and you'll be amazed at how you feel in your group ride that weekend!
  • The final week you'll rest up, riding just 4 times and on Saturday you will CRUSH your group ride. 

How can I Participate? 

Option 1;  Sign up for a 6  pack of  Slump Buster Sessions with Coach Sarah at Uptown Cycles.

Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. 
Thursdays 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Join a group session and get the complete plan at no extra charge.  You can choose to have the plan emailed to you, or it can be sent electronically using the Training Peaks App.

Cost: $115  



Option 2: Get the plan only for $40 and join us for rides at the Huntersville Business Park.  

  • If you want a printed version of the plan email Sarah@BeteraCoaching.com.  She'll send you a payment link and a PDF version of the program.  
  • If you want it delivered electronically, use the link below to find it on training peaks.  Please note, as this is a dynamic plan the program will load on June 25th in your training peaks calendar.