Coached Power Hour Classes  $175/8 week Block.  $25/a ‘la carte

Led by USAC or USAT Certified coaches, your coaches will NOT be on their bikes.  They will on the floor helping you through the workout and making personal adjustments as necessary to make sure you get the most fitness out of every workout.  Our Coached Classes run in 8 week Training Blocks and each block comes with a free online training plan delivered via Training Peaks. Cost is $175 for individual training blocks or you can bundle sessions together for reduced rates. 

 Drop in Rides  $15 weekday sessions, $25 for longer weekend sessions.  

These classes are seasonally appropriate meaning they are designed to fit with a typical periodized training plan:  These classes are UNCOACHED meaning someone will be there to set you up but the coach may not stay in the room as you do the workout.  Or the coach may be riding as well so not able to coach with the same attention.   

Why Work with a Coach?

  • Access to an online training plan with homework workouts.

  • Sign Up for Weekly Emails outlining the specific goals for each group training workout

  • Real Time analysis of your power data in class

  • You tired of detraining in the winter and want to come out in the spring stronger than ever!.